Tinned skimmer 7-1/10"

Tinned skimmer 7-1/10"


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EAN / BarcodeLH63518
BrandLacor Spain
Weight1 lb

✅ Made in Stainless Steel

✅ Perfect to have in any kitchen

✅ Mesh is made in high quality stainless steel

Brand Lacor

Great tool to have for any professional or home

For the professionals of the kitchen Robust and high resistance design


Diameter 7-1/10"

Length 22-1/4"

Characteristics of: Tinned skimmer 7-1/10"

EAN / BarcodeLH63518
BrandLacor Spain
Weight1 lb
Diswasher SafeYes
Lenght21-30 inches
Top Diameter1-9 inches

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