Vacuum Wine Pump

Vacuum Wine Pump


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EAN / BarcodeLH63053
BrandLacor Spain
Weight2 lb

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✅ Keep your wines in perfect conditions maintaining its flavors

✅ Avoid the wine oxidation due to oxygen

✅ The indicator will allow you to now when the bottle was opened

✅ Stoppers to be used with our wine vacuum which is sold separately

Brand Lacor

Keeps the wine in perfect condition by preventing air getting in, getting rid of unwanted bubbles, maintaining its flavor and aroma and delaying the oxidation process so that you can enjoy the wine at another time.

Close the bottle with the stopper and pump 10 to 20 times (depending on the amount of wine inside the bottle) to establish the vacuum Includes vacuum pump and two stoppers (with indicator of the date on which the bottle has been sealed)

Great to keep wine freshness

Stopper are sold separately

Characteristics of: Vacuum Wine Pump

EAN / BarcodeLH63053
BrandLacor Spain
Weight2 lb
TypeWine Pump
Diswasher SafeNo

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