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K-N95 masks- Pack - 10 units

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EAN / BarcodeMASK-KN95-10PACK
BrandMASK K-N95
Weight1 lb

Pack of 10 units K-N95 masks

You can pick up the merchandise in our store, we will take it to your car or you also have the option of being able to send it to you by Fedex throughout Puerto Rico with an additional charge. The option of shipping or store pickup will be found at check out.

Pick up time at the physical store- Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 12pm

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* Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct use of K-N95 masks

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Product characteristics :

The filtration efficiency of the KN95 mask (dust removal rate) is above 95% for non-oily particles above 0.075 micron, and the filter material is harmless to the human body.

High, stretchy ear muffs are comfortable and not snug.

The adjustable mouthpiece helps the surgical mask adequately cover the wearer's face.

Solid edge crimping spot welding ultrasound for strong ear loop and beautiful shape.

5-layer protective filtering of non-blown and molten material:

1st layer> PP non-woven fabric insulation Layer: block large particles or microorganisms

2nd layer> Filter sponge: improved fine particle filtration

3rd and 4th layer> Double 25 + 25 Meltblown fabric: filters out even finer particles

5th layer> Skin accessible layer: non-woven, soft and skin friendly

Method of use:

The nose clip part is facing up, the side without the nose clip is facing the face, and the ear straps are pulled by each hand.

Face the chin mask first, pull the earband toward your ear and hang it over your ear until you feel comfortable.

Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the nose clip and press inward according to the shape of the nose bridge to conform to the shape of the nose bridge.

Put your hands to your face when using it and check the tension with your face.

Common uses:

They should be used when visiting hospitals, crowded places. These can be used by people who are more vulnerable; older people, children and people with health problems. KN95 can be disinfected using alcohol, but that reduces the effectiveness of the masks. Another way is to just let them dry dry. However, taking into account the environment in which we all live, we recommend discarding the mask after visiting hospitals or crowded places.


Don't share facial masks

If you have trouble breathing or the masks become dirty, discard the mask immediately and replace it with a new one.

Due to high demand, the masks are running out soon, so you can get any of the designs: Nose Clip Outside or Nose Clip inside the woven cape.

These are disposable medical supply items. Due to hygiene issues, we are unable to accept returns / exchanges / refunds on this product.

Characteristics of: K-N95 masks- Pack - 10 units

EAN / BarcodeMASK-KN95-10PACK
BrandMASK K-N95
Weight1 lb

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