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In our selection of CLEARANCE you can get all the products at incredible prices. Thanks to our manufacturers from all over the world, we are able to obtain many of these products at very competitive prices in order to offer them to all of our clients only by purchasing through our online store.

All the products offered in clearance continue to be of excellent quality and for commercial use, although we cannot guarantee that many of them can be obtained in the future as they are specific productions and have a limited time.

In this section you could find from tableware, glassware, hotel amenities, furniture etc. as well as many other products that are incorporated on a weekly or monthly basis and will depend on the available products that we have at certain times.

Now you have the opportunity to get Hospitality products at practically factory prices, saving you in many of them up to 50% on the sale price, so take advantage of this section to equip your business and start saving today.

Lucerna Hospitality is keen to help many businesses to save money so take advantage of this great opportunity.

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