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Build your own Hotel Bath Dispenser by following these three easy steps:

1- Chose from the tab Wall Holders, single, double or triple.

2- Once you have selected the wall holders choose from the tab Bottle and Pump, the bottle's product you would like to have for your wall holder dispenser such as Bath Gel, Conditioner, Shampoo, Hand Soap and Body Lotion.

3- Last step, kindly click on the tab called Refills and select the refill bottles according to the brand and product selected, remember that all refills are coming in boxes of 9 units of 0.26 Gallons each bottle.

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Keeping bathrooms properly stocked with soap at all times is important to the comfort and safety of your guests. A bulk soap dispenser for a hotel bathroom ensures guests are always able to clean up, yet without the need to continually restock the bathroom with fresh soap. Lucerna Hospitality offers several refillable soap dispenser models that are elegant and cost effective for any property. Perfect for the in-room bathroom, common area toilets, spas or restaurant facilities, you can find exactly what you need here.

These elegant soap dispensers include both wall-mounted soap dispenser and refillable soap dispenser models, with options that also work great as shower hand soap dispensers. They are designed to give a look of luxury while fitting ensuring your guests can wash up with ease. If you are looking for an attractive and affordable hand soap dispenser for a wall-mounted, Lucerna Hospitality has your need fully covered.

All our products are made in Europe and Ecological, environmentally-friendly products backed by the EU Eco label.

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