Mobile Bars

Mobile Bars

Do you need a Mobile Bar? We offer you a great variety of products with the best quality on the market. If you need to buy Mobile Bars online, we will help you with whatever you need. All our bars are mainly custom made giving our clients the opportunity to match the colors as well as design. If you want to make the difference by providing your clients with a cutting edge design Lucerna Hospitaity have the solution for you. Ask our customer service team to answer all questions.

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Mobile bars are needed in any type of event, be it a hotel or a catering venue. Nowadays there are a multitude of options available on the market from plastic, acrylic, wood chipboard, etc., and with a multitude of configurations in the work area that help waiters and bartenders to carry out their work more efficiently at the time to prepare any drink or cocktail.

At Lucerna Hospitality there are several options that we offer to our clients that combine from innovative and updated designs but at the same time durable and resistant for commercial use. Some of these mobile bars are made with resins or wood plywood coated with laminates that are highly resistant to scratches as well as some options that incorporate led lights that favor the aesthetics of these mobile bars.

At Lucerna Hospitality we are specialists in supplying commercial equipment for the hotel, catering and restaurant industry and we deeply believe in the quality of our products that endorse us in the three countries where we are present.

Contact our sales department to get more details and we will glad to assist you with your new projects.

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