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VICRILA is the biggest and oldest manufacturer of table glass in Spain. As a company VICRILA values are a perfect fit with the market, ensuring quality and technical performance are a priority but also delivering innovation in design. VICRILA collection includes a variety of stemware, tumblers, cocktail and beer glasses perfect for use within busy hospitality environments.

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Manufacturing over 200 million of glass per year, Vicrila has an expansive portfolio of glass to suit all table top presentations. Within the hospitality, product performance is a Paramount. For those establishments that require durability and great quality for money, Vicrila offers a wide range of fully tempered glass.

Benefits of Vicrila

The benefits of fully tempered glasses from VICRILA includes:

Fully rim to foot tempered glasses are resistant to mechanical shock minimizing the breakage in hotels and restaurants

Light in weight which is important for front of the house employees and guests while carrying the glass.

Up to 5 times more durable than regular glass as it is proven that is more resistant based on all the test are made in the factory.

Increased safety during service as it wont break as a regular glass.

Thermal shock tested and resistant up to 270 F degrees..

Dishwasher and microwave safe of commercial use.

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