Why do the plates tend to lose their enamel?

Currently, there are many restaurants that after making an investment in tableware for their restaurant are faced with the problem that some of their pieces, especially the dinning plates, begin to lose their enamel and some parts begin to have matte stains. This problem occurs mainly for various reasons, such as washing at high temperatures and / or the use of highly abrasive chemicals among others, although the most common is the use of low-quality enamels that are usually applied during the manufacturing process. Within the tableware for restaurants, we can find two types, Chinaware and Porcelain.

The difference between the two consists of both the ingredients, cooking temperatures and varnishes that are used for their manufacture. In the case of chinaware, the composition used is clays that are mixed with calcined

siliceous earths and fired at temperatures between 1800- and 2300-degrees Fahrenheit, however, in the case of porcelain the process is somewhat more complex since the paste or mixture used for its manufacture is composed of quartz, kaolin and feldspar. Once this mixture is made, it is usually cooked first at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and later cooked again at 2375 degrees Fahrenheit giving each piece a greater resistance.

There are cases such as our Reactiv and Oxi tableware from our manufacturer "Irabia Porcelana Spain" where its pieces go through a third firing at 2375 degrees making this tableware highly resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks, in fact, its

resistance is so high that some of our Collections offer “10 years Chipping Warranty”. In the case of tableware manufactured in porcelain, it is important to highlight the high quality of varnishes that are applied, since these must be of quality to be able to withstand such high temperatures, being of vital importance to prevent the tableware from beginning to lose its shine, causing many of the cases the appearance of opaque stains that give the appearance of dirt or wear of the plate. At Lucerna Hospitality all our tableware is manufactured in Europe, complying with the strictest quality controls and using ingredients and varnishes that guarantee the quality of each of the pieces that we sell to all our customers. In Lucerna Hospitality you will be able to find a great selection of tableware of commercial grade, such as dinner plate, bowls, platters, ramekins and all necessary to equip your restaurant.

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