What is an “amenity”? The best amenities you can find in Hotels

What are “amenities”? These are elements of convenience, luxuries, and comfort most often about a house, resort, vehicle, or a hotel.

“Amenities” in a hotel

When traveling, regardless of your travel motive, human nature dictates that you will book the best guest room you can take. If you like most people, when looking for hotels, you are looking for “amenities” and services, such as a free gym, in-room coffee, and basic things like beautiful furnitures and bath sets. Although you can also search for hotels in a specific area within a city, all things are the same, the possibility of choosing among the hotels that give you the best offer is high. This possibility is even greater if you get an excellent offer that includes many “amenities” and services.

"Amenities" examples

Offering “amenities” doesn´t mean that all hotel rooms must have a jacuzzi. There are many basic “amenities” that the clients of a hotel appreciate very much, like a soft and comfortable pillow, an elegant bedding set or luxurious towels in the bathroom. All of these welcome products make a real difference, so you must pay attention when offering high-quality “amenities”.

When customers search for hotels or resorts, staff and room service amenities are fundamental elements in each of them. Consumers realize that amenities, such as toiletries, bedding and bath towels, are essential.

Most guests care about the cleanliness of their rooms and details and rely on the comforts declared at their disposal. The general objective of the staff of each hostel is to satisfy each guest. Part of satisfying guests means anticipating and responding to needs and requests

What hotel bathroom "amenities" do I expect?

People will have different expectations if they rent a room at a hotel or resort. Most hotel guests want a decent and safe room, where they can rest, so hotel supplies of any kind are truly relevant.

“Amenities” are especially important in hotel bathrooms. Some examples of this type of welcome products you can find in bathrooms are soaps, shampoo, gel, body lotions or bath towels. Usually these kits or sets of products belongs to the same brand.

In our online store there are many brands such as "Ocean", "Tous" or "Hierbas de Mallorca", specialized in hotel bathroom “amenities”. If you want to offer a range of quality products for your customers, we recommend you to take a look at the products in our bath "amenities" category.

bath amenities

Best foods and dishes

Guests can benefit from the best things in restaurant hotels, starting with delicious dishes and elegant cutlery. Customers expect more than a good meal, the details are increasingly relevant.

If you do not offer unique set of dishes, nice cutlery, and good presentation of the food, clients will leave your hotel with the feeling of having received a terrible service. Guests are always connected to their social networks, they like to upload photographs of the food and dishes they liked on Instagram or Facebook. Elegant tableware and pretty cutlery will make people talk about your establishment with their friends and on their social networks.

The perfect bedding set

Tourists usually use their hotel rooms only to rest, that's why bedding, blankets, a soft pillow and a comfortable mattress are essential. Resting well is very important for people, but when people are sightseeing it is even more so.

A hotel customer spends a lot of time visiting monuments and important places of the city. If the guest does not rest well in the hotel because of an uncomfortable bed set, he will not be able to reach all the activities he had planned on his trip. Resting is an important part of the trip, so offering bedroom “amenities” will improve the experience of hotel guests.


When people search for hotels, they look for "amenities" and services that reflect the value and price they expect to pay for their rooms. Creating a good guest experience in your hotel rooms will make it easier for you to get good opinions about your hotel. In the world of services, consumer opinion is more important than ever, so details and "amenities" can make a difference and attract more customers. In our online store you will find a wide variety of welcome products that will help you and your company.

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#14726 Ravi Singh
Right post, well we all know that Amenities depends upon the category of hotels. If you will stay in a budget hotel then they will provide basic facilities, if stay in higher category, then nobody can count on fingertips. But for best experience everyone should include maximum of amenities .

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