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Why do the plates tend to lose their enamel?

Currently, there are many restaurants that after making an investment in tableware for their restaurant are faced with the problem that some of their pieces, especially the dinning plates, begin to lose their enamel and some parts begin to have matte stains. This problem occurs mainly for various reasons, such as washing at high temperatures and / or the use of highly abrasive chemicals among others, although the most common is the use of low-quality enamels that are usually applied during the manufacturing process. Within the tableware for restaurants, we can find two types, Chinaware and Porcelain.

The difference between the two consists of both the ingredients, cooking temperatures and varnishes that are used for their manufacture. In the case of chinaware, the composition used is clays that are mixed with calcined

siliceous earths and fired at temperatures between 1800- and 2300-degrees Fahrenheit, however, in the case of porcelain the process is somewhat more complex since the paste or mixture used for its manufacture is composed of quartz, kaolin and feldspar. Once this mixture is made, it is usually cooked first at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and later cooked again at 2375 degrees Fahrenheit giving each piece a greater resistance.

Why Hotel Bed Linen and Towels are always white?

Find out Why Hotels use White Bed Linen

Whenever you enter a Hotel room you may find that pretty much everything looks perfect, well organized, nice toilet amenities, perfect lighting, and room temperature but what it really makes a great impact is when you look at the bed and start imagining how comfortable it may be.

Entering a hotel room where it smells clean, everything is tidy, the bathrooms are immaculate, the tables are dust-free, the bed well made, the decor is cozy and modern, all of this is important to feel comfortable and positively assess the establishment, but what makes the difference is finding neat white sheets on which to sleep peacefully all night.

How many times have you asked yourself why most of the hotels all over the world use white color Bed Linen and Towels when the stains can be more noticeable?

And why white? It seems a bit absurd to use this color as it can easily stain and imperfections from use and wear are more appreciated.

Usually, some of the main reasons are due to that white color can be easily clean reaching high temperatures without damaging the color but the most interesting story behind it is that just the richest people in the 20thcentury were able to make use of white bedding and towels as it considered quite expensive.

In fact, until the 1990s, hoteliers used colored sheets as they were more manageable and easier to clean, and the best part was that they could hide impossible-to-remove stains. White was reserved for only the wealthy since they were the only ones who could afford to have white clothes in excellent condition.

It was until the late 80’s when hoteliers made use of color bed sheets and towels, but it was in the ’90s when several Hotel Chains were working on developing a new concept focusing on enhancing the Bed Experience at hotels. After several studies and customer surveys, they found out that using white colors was giving the luxury and comfortable feel as well.

At that time, Westin Hotels & Resort chain was pioneered, a completely white bed. Its designers did tests to verify that the clean and fresh feeling of the color white also gave a feeling of luxury, even making guests think that the room had been recently renovated. He had such an impact that other hotels copied his idea to this day.

In addition, the blank is an unequivocal proof of cleanliness since it can be washed at high temperatures, and allows the use of disinfectants, making the clothes completely sanitized and clean, and this has a psychological effect on customers that positively influences their opinion of the establishment., they sleep better and feel more comfortable.

Another practical aspect is that white is also applied to and bathrobes, so cleaning staff can easily collect all the clothes without having to separate them by color, and they go all together in the washing machine, there is no need to worry about fading and color changes.

And in case of renovation and change of accessories, the white sheets combine with everything, they do not go out of style and are much easier to clean.

Mixologist, The New Trend

It is true that in recent years it has been the Chefs all over the world who have had a great global boom, perhaps it is because of their new techniques or simply because of the creation of new gastronomic concepts that have raised a lot of expectations globally, although It is true that the world of mixology is becoming more fashionable every day and where every day it takes on more importance both in restaurants and bars that continue to evolve their drink menu with new trends through creative cocktails and that undoubtedly help considerably not only the creation of new drinks but also the power to increase the average beverage check per diner. To enhance these cocktails, several tools that a mixologist needs are important, and we are going to give you a brief detail of the most important ones so that it is easier for you to identify them.

Pourers – This tool offers greater control over the pour following the International standards. There are several types of pouring nozzles available with different sizes and liquid flows made in metal, plastic, and Eco Wood.

Pourers for professional bartenders

Bottle Openers: The most used essential tool for a bartender is a bottle opener. It is used mainly to remove the metal caps from bottles.

Wine Opener: It consists of a corkscrew with a small knife to open mainly wine bottles

Jigger: Usually it is used to measure liquor or other mixers when preparing cocktails, they come in different shapes and materials such as plastic and stainless steel

Cocktail Shaker and Glass: In the market we can find two types of shakers which are the Boston shaker and the Standard shaker. The Boston shaker usually contains a mixing glass and a steel part however now days mixing glass is being replaced by a metal one as it tends not to break easily and has a longer life use.

Shakers for Mixologist

Mixing Glass: The Original Yarai® Mixing Glass is the top of the class way to mix your favorite cocktails and is trusted by bartenders worldwide. It is very elegant diamond pattern makes this a tool that you will certainly want to display on your bar and use frequently. The glass is extremely thick and is meant for heavy duty mixing with a bar spoon.

Cocktail Strainer: The cocktail strainer is the much-needed equipment to prepare cocktails. There are several options available however The Hawthorne is the most famous one. It is a flat, spoon-shaped, with a spring coil around the top. In our shop online we have many available.

Ice Mold: It is used to make special ice shapes for special cocktail and mocktails, in our shop you will find from conical, rectangular and many others that may be of your interest.

Muddler: A muddler is a tool used to mash up the ingredients to release their flavors. All our muddlers are coming in multiple colors and are dishwasher resistant, some of them are a patented model that you will find them only in Lucerna Hospitality.

Muddler for professionals bartenders

Restaurant Tableware Styles

Tableware includes the dishware or dishes that are used to set the table, serve food, and beverages. Therefore, when talking about tableware, we are referring to glassware cutlery, serving dishes, etc. Here are some restaurant tableware styles and how they can make a huge difference in how clients view and judge your restaurant.

​Measures implemented in hotels against COVID-19

Tourism and hospitality sector has taken a hard blow from the widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps more than others. Even with the government's best attempts to cushion the hospitality sector, hotels have encountered huge losses due to the low influx of guests, both local and international. As an industry that contributes 5% of the national GDP and 10% of employment opportunities according to UK hospitality report, this sector's importance cannot be overstated.

With regulations that allow the re-opening of hotels, hoteliers are trying to rally their businesses to their once extremely profitable state. Hotels have taken their responsibility to clients and staff seriously and have put stringent measures to ensure protection against COVID to all who access their premises. The unprecedented nature of the crisis has caused many hoteliers to come up with creative and innovative ways to get their businesses up and running without sacrificing hotel safety and security standards that could endanger guests or staff.

The language of hotel cutlery

If you are new to fine dining, you might find it intimidating at first. You might not understand how to set up silverware on a table, something that could lead to miscommunication. It would be best if you were not worried or scared because you can quickly learn the language of cutlery setting. With the knowledge, is able to enjoy the pleasure that comes with fine dining. If you want to get it right, you first need to understand the types of cutlery and their respective uses. Table utensils include forks and knives, even though you will find different cutlery knives with each having a distinctive purpose.

What is an “amenity”? The best amenities you can find in Hotels

What are “amenities”? These are elements of convenience, luxuries, and comfort most often about a house, resort, vehicle, or a hotel.

“Amenities” in a hotel

When traveling, regardless of your travel motive, human nature dictates that you will book the best guest room you can take. If you like most people, when looking for hotels, you are looking for “amenities” and services, such as a free gym, in-room coffee, and basic things like beautiful furnitures and bath sets. Although you can also search for hotels in a specific area within a city, all things are the same, the possibility of choosing among the hotels that give you the best offer is high. This possibility is even greater if you get an excellent offer that includes many “amenities” and services.

Vicrila Glassware

Vicrila Industrias del Vidrio, was founded in the year 1890 and from then until now it has been dedicated to the production of glass, being one of the companies with the longest standing in the Basque Country in Spain. In its facilities, different types of glass and products have been produced, emphasizing in its first years the production of carafes and later of flat glass.

Lucerna Hospitality launches its online store in Puerto Rico.

Lucerna Hospitality, "The Master Key for the Hospitality Industry" continues with its expansion plan and launches its online shop specialized in the sale and distribution of articles for hotels, rental apartments and restaurants, providing a fast and efficient service with highly competitive prices to the Puerto Rico market.

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